Client Testimonials

More accomplished in 6 months than 6 years with execution management thinking and buy in. The last 6 months of hard work and diligent planning and execution has made a monumental positive impact on the operation and management of the company.

Ray Ralph, President

– R.E.M. Equipment

It has really become clear to us what we need to work on and what needs immediate attention. Success of the company follows from the energy and efforts of your team. This clearly identifies and puts a process in place for us to move forward with a timetable and a business coach to assist us with the changes.

Jeff MacDonald, President

– Amaco Construction Equipment Inc.

I didn’t think we had the time – but I’m so glad I did.  I was able to identify the three areas that are most important -  which will actually move the needle for us.  I also identified what success is for my company so that we can align all our actions [towards it] over the next couple of years.  I walked away with a huge tool to help me grow my business.

Stephanie McLarty, CEO

– REfficient Inc.

I feel that you understand my vision and priorities as well as I do.  You understand the company needs and areas for improvement.  Your sense of urgency has already had a tremendous impact on the company.

Brad Ross, CTO and Founder

– Quant Interpretations

I can understand why our participants are excited about this tool.  It combines both the strategic and practical, and is a takeaway they can embed simply into their operations that will help drive better results and more effective management and control.

Jane Gertner, Executive in Residence

– VentureLAB, Markham

Organizes, simplifies, distills… Broadens perspective with thought-provoking questions, ideas… A common-sense, practical and very workable process.

Erin Skimson, Director, Catalyst Centre

– University of Guelph

A great experience, and I believe very strongly that this process would benefit a lot of organizations.

Robert Murray, Co-Founder

– Intrigue Media

Clarity, and actionable steps to move forward.

Greatest value derived from the process: Great discussion, solid take-aways/urgency, great perspectives.

Phil Evenden, CEO

– Integrity Wealth Management Inc.

We needed a more practical approach to what we were doing… give us practical advice, actionable concrete things that we could execute.  It’s about being accountable and performing real business steps to move forward.  I wish we’d done this 5 years ago.”

Greatest value derived from the process: “Insight of external participants, actioning process, idea generation & building."

John Ryan, Co-Founder

– Docova

Enthusiastic, upbeat, good sounding board, an understandable process.

Greatest value derived from the process: Logical flow, actionable down-to-earth ideas.

Bob Caster, CEO

– Caster Medical Systems

Excellent process to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Greatest value derived from the process: Participant contribution, organization of tasks, to-the-point.

Bill Kerson, Co-Founder & CEO

– TAGD Inc.

The planning session facilitated by Satori Consulting and Doug’s Unlimited was challenging and insightful.  I appreciated the many questions that made us think including the “where’s the money” question.  The bias to undertaking actions in the first 30 days on our “intense priority” items was refreshing and we appreciate the momentum that we have gained.

Don McEvoy, President & General Manager

– Wabisa Mutual Insurance Company

Partnering with Doug’s Unlimited was a natural fit for our organization. As we focus on helping organizations get stronger, the Success Dashboard Process & Execution Platform was exactly what we needed to deliver a practical, visual and prioritized solution to strategic planning. The mission-critical approach supports businesses to stay focused, work their plan and achieve tremendous results.

Sandi Verrecchia, CEO

– Satori Consulting Inc.

The Success Dashboard Process provides the missing link in business execution for small and mid-sized companies. Not only does it help business owners identify key strategic priorities for their business, more importantly it ensures disciplined and sustained execution with a simple, visual, real-time online platform.  No more ‘academic’ advice like most approaches, it’s all practical execution.  Their motto is very fitting – Time to stop planning, and start doing!

Andrew Pigott, Principal

– The Succession Bridge

I actively search out new approaches and tools to help clients reach their business goals as quickly and as effectively as possible.  I was immediately impressed with how simple, fast and effective the Success Dashboard Process was at distilling down and organizing what is ‘mission-critical’ to the organization, then make it so simple to establish the actions and accountability that will substantially move the business forward.  It’s a straight forward process and online execution platform that helps me create immediate results for clients.

Hazel van der Werken, CEO

– Making Change Happen