The Success Dashboard Process

Our unique execution process was created out of frustration. Frustration that too many businesses or families were losing out on growth opportunities, wealth creation, or proper business succession because they lacked disciplined business execution.

We’ve created a planning process along with a proprietary online system and dashboard to make execution simple and practical with the ability to easily track progress.

Weekly virtual support and quarterly face-to-face reviews ensure sustained momentum towards the destination.


Why It Works?

It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s practical. It’s focused. It’s customized for your business. And, it gets immediate results. It’s an execution platform for you to use, not more academic advice you have to figure out on your own.

Our process works because it has been designed to be simple, practical and visual. It helps organize and position your business to be more effective. You’re up and running using the process literally in hours. No long training sessions, no complicated algorithms…just simple, immediate execution.

Why It Was Developed This Way:

Business owners need a process to help them get things done, not more academic advice telling them how to do it.”

Many owners become so buried in the day-to-day operations that they get distracted away from where they want to take the business, the strategic priorities that will get them there, and/or the sustained execution to make it happen.   Despite a myriad of books written on the subject, businesses spend more time thinking, talking and writing about business execution than they do putting it into action.

Who will gain the greatest value from this process? Business owners that…

  • Know their business could be doing much better or are frustrated with where their business is today;
  • Desire to expand, grow or improve their business, or need to change its direction;
  • Are contemplating an exit in the future and want to position their business for lucrative sale or to be passed down;
  • See and want much greater things for their business, and are motivated to take action now;
  • Are experienced in business fundamentals, with annual revenues over $1.0 million and;
  • Receptive to outside business and industry perspective on how to achieve substantially more with their business – faster, more efficiently, and with sustained action.

Proven Results:

  • Accelerated growth, increased business value;
  • Improved business efficiency, performance and quality;
  • Tangible progress towards a measurable three year goal for your business;
  • Better management team alignment and focus towards the goal;
  • Sustained action and accountability;
  • Better business decisions and results through broader business perspective, combined experience, and idea collaboration; and
  • Measurable, up to-date status of progress against established milestones using leading and lagging metrics.