The Success Dashboard Execution Platform©

What It Is:

The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© is an interactive online operating system that has proven to substantially improve and accelerate business execution for small and medium-sized businesses, no matter the type of business.

It provides a simplified and practical integrated framework for setting business strategy, prioritizing business actions, and creating disciplined and sustainable execution including weekly tracking of accountability and progress.

How It Works:

Step 1: Establish a Measurable Goal or Destination for Your Business

“You can’t develop an action plan to a place you don’t know.”

The owner and management are tasked to succinctly describe what they want the business to look like three to five years from now: a measurable “Success Destination” or goal for the business.

An initial Success Dashboard template provides a visual framework and generic listing of eight business fundamentals which will be used to organize everything needed for your business to achieve its stated destination.

Step 2: Create a Customized Dashboard For Your Business

In the initial five-hour work session with management, the most important components unique to your business are quickly captured into a visual ‘Dashboard’ of eight business fundamentals. Once completed, the Dashboard acts as a one page summary of everything ‘mission-critical’ to achieving your business’ three to five year Success Destination. This makes it easier to prioritize the components that will create greatest impact towards the business goal. Key metrics are selected to monitor progress towards the goal.

The following images are blurred intentionally to protect confidentiality.


Step 3: Focus on Priorities; Create Action Plans For Your Business

In a second five hour session, the top three priorities are selected for immediate action based on greatest impact and urgency towards achieving the goal. The software automatically generates an action plan template for each.


For each action plan, a list of key components or tasks is identified, then weekly actions are created and assigned for each component, similar to a project plan or Gantt© chart.

Step 4: Track Completion of Weekly Actions At-A-Glance

Actions are undertaken weekly. The platform screen always displays four weeks of actions, and automatically tracks completion of individual actions to the current week. Completed tasks are highlighted in green, while any delinquent or incomplete actions are highlighted in bright yellow. Current status of the action plan or any individual action is instantly visible at- a- glance. Weekly review with the management team focuses on ensuring delinquent actions are addressed and the action plan is re-set as necessary to ensure continued progress.


Step 5: Identify Key Performance Metrics to Monitor Your Progress

The platform displays up to five key performance metrics on the Dashboard to ensure their visibility at all times. A combination of three ‘lead’ metrics and two ‘lag’ metrics is typically recommended.


Why It Works:

  • Achieves tangible, proven action and results – within hours;
  • Provides simple, practical, and quick-to-results process customized for your business;
  • Creates a practical operating platform rather than just coaching advice;
  • Focuses on the highest-impact actions and sustained execution;
  • Simplifies business execution into weekly actions and tracks progress;
  • Ensures better decisions, better focus, and disciplined execution;
  • Gets action done consistently where other processes can’t or don’t; and
  • Ensures management team alignment and coordination towards the goal.