We work with (and are looking for) experienced business coaches to create unparalleled success for their clients.

As an experienced business coach you are committed to helping improve your clients’ performance. The well-being of their businesses matters to you, as does growing your own coaching business. You know business inside and out, and you are good at helping business owners optimize or grow their businesses, transition to the next generation successfully, or position for optimum sale value. As an established business coach you are constantly confronting several challenges which may include:

  1. A sea of other business coaches all vying for the same clients as you.
  2. Skeptical business owners that:
    • Might not be aware of the untapped potential of their business and/or how to unlock it;
    • Have been frustrated by past (bad, wasteful) experiences with coaches and or;
    • Doubt/don’t know the substantial value a competent, experienced coach can bring.
  3. You are trying to market you as a stand-alone offering, based solely on your own personal abilities, expertise and methodology, and personality.
  4. Marketing efforts take up a substantial portion of your time, rather than doing what you love to do – help grow and improve businesses.

How the Success Dashboard Process can help you as a Business Coach

  • Provides a proven, online execution platform that augments your business acumen and credibility, and immediately differentiates you from others;
  • Offers an immediate ‘diagnostic’ process for you as a coach, and ‘discovery’ process for the client, with an operating structure that organizes everything ‘mission-critical’ in the business;
  • Customizes to the Clients’ needs, to your coaching approach, and to your client’s type of business and level of sophistication;
  • Ensures immediate client focus on highest impact actions, and establishes a disciplined and sustained actioning platform;
  • Instills management team engagement and weekly accountability where the status of weekly tasks is automatically tracked for completion;
  • Keeps clients focused and on track through Weekly Go-To-Meetings©, improves execution efficiency and sustained progress, and creates reoccurring monthly subscription revenues for you;
  • Is quick to adopt and easy to use, and avoids substantial franchise, initiation or up-front fees;
  • Allows virtual 24/7 secure access, operated from anywhere with internet access for both you and your client; and
  • Enables you to virtually monitor and manage multiple client Dashboards, increasing your capacity to help more clients.

Becoming an approved user of the Success Dashboard Execution Platform© will differentiate you from other ‘stand-alone’ coaches, provide a proven process that ensures action and superior business results for your clients, and increase your efficiency and band-width to help even more clients.

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