Dimitris was overwhelmed with the accelerated growth he was experiencing. His business had been steadily growing for the past seven years, but development of a new ‘step out’ product line about six months ago had thrown the growth into overdrive.

In launching the new line, market adoption had been far better than anticipated – which was thrilling – to the point where Dimitris was starting to feel growth of the business was getting out of control. He and his small management team of two had been able to manage the new growth on top of the existing business until now, but they could only stretch their abilities so far. Despite bringing in industry expertise to help, his business instincts were telling him that this amazing growth could blow up in his face if he and his management team didn’t regain control with an organized execution plan – something he wished he’d contemplated before the launch.

Dimitris’ Solution: The ‘Success Dashboard Execution Platform©; an online strategy and business execution platform designed to help businesses prioritize and create disciplined action to get their business back in control again.