Carla’s 65 year old father was recently injured in a serious fall and would likely need nine to twelve months to recover from a head injury. It was uncertain if he would be able to return to the family business. While her mother had been managing the inside operations for years, her father was the ‘face’ of the business out in the marketplace and responsible for most of the relationships with customers, vendors and community involvement.

After the fall they had briefly considered selling the business but realized that a ‘distressed’ sale would mean essentially ‘giving away’ the business. It was agreed that Carla would return back home to take over running the business, and she was fortunate to have help from two of her father’s closest business colleagues. What she needed was a process to learn the business essentials quickly, keep the small management team engaged and focused on business priorities, and develop a go-forward strategy for the business either to ‘make a go of it’ or to position it for sale.

Carla’s Solution: The ‘Success Dashboard Execution Platform©; an online strategy and business execution platform designed to help businesses prioritize and create disciplined action to transition the business knowledge and experience, good will, and management in an orderly fashion to ensure continued success and growth of the business.