John has done well to grow his business into a vibrant, independent operation.  He has a proven business model and operating prototype that has demonstrated strong market acceptance.  Since John started the business 5 years, it has consistently delivered returns well above comparable investment opportunities.  He has worked hard to streamline and simplify business processes for replication, and has already tested the ease-of-adoption by expanding his business to two other locations in the past year.  People have started to inquire about franchise opportunities.

John realized that creating a first-class franchise organization would largely depend upon the ease-of-adoption, quick start-up and continued success of each franchisee, which he is committed to see happen.

To do this John was looking for a simple, practical and reliable process to onboard new franchisees and position them for immediate success through:

  • a thorough understanding and easy adoption of his franchise model,
  • an easy-to-use templated framework to ensure disciplined and consistent use of the key business processes that he had already tested and proven to work,
  • a platform to help each franchisee and their team get operating independently as quickly and efficiently as possible, and
  • the ability to augment his committed onsite support with online strategic direction, advice and feedback.

John’s Solution: The ‘Success Dashboard Execution Platform©; an online business execution platform that helps ensure a framework for consistent, disciplined and sustained business execution for multiple franchisees.  The Platform ensures a thorough understanding and consistent transfer of the franchise model and fundamentals to individual franchisees and their teams, while providing a template of business processes and ‘best-practices’ to ensure consistent, disciplined and sustained execution each and every time –  essential ingredients for success of both the franchisee and franchisor.