Josh and Josse felt ‘buried’ in the day-to-day operation of their business. They’d owned their IT business for almost 10 years, and despite having 15 very competent employees couldn’t seem to get away from constantly solving customer issues, staffing coordination, project management, the ongoing search for new business, constant worries about cash flow, and the occasional “putting out of fires”.

They were struggling to keep up with the ‘day-to-day’ demands let alone set a course for where they wanted to take the business or to explore growth opportunities. It felt as though they couldn’t get their heads “above water” – they would schedule some time, but then something urgent would come up and they’d be buried once again. Josh and Josse needed a structured process to help them prioritize their business issues and create a game plan to help them move the business forward. They needed weekly actions that broke down their strategy into ‘bite-size’ pieces so they could continue to execute their strategy despite the day-to-day demands and ‘busyness’ of their business.

Josh and Josse’s Solution: The ‘Success Dashboard Execution Platform©; an online strategy and business execution platform designed to help businesses prioritize and create disciplined action to get out of the weeds.