“Business execution has become a minimum survival skill for business-;

if you aren’t growing or changing, you are losing ground to others.”

Business execution is NOT about running or maintaining your day-to-day operations; it’s about GROWING your business or IMPROVING your business’ performance.

Every business gets bogged down in day-to-day operating issues – cash flow, employees, bureaucracy, competition, social media, and countless other things.  With so many moving parts in every business, it’s hard to maintain business execution as a priority, let alone find the time and resources to work on it. You end up buried IN your business rather than working ON your business.

“Ineffective business execution is the largest barrier to your business achieving its full potential.”

Most strategy or business execution fails because it is typically only worked on sporadically, by exception, or not at all.  To be most successful, business execution must be incorporated into a weekly discipline and routine. If the business owner doesn’t drive business execution, the competition eventually will, and the results are never good!

We can’t add hours to your day, but we CAN offer an execution structure that has proven to be very effective for many other businesses.

4 Essential Steps for Effective Business Execution:

1. Align the organization towards a clear, measurable business goal

Align management and the organization towards a succinct and measurable three-year goal within a defined timeline. If everyone in your business is aligned and passionate on what matters the most, and has clear deadlines toward achieving the goal, the results can be extraordinary.

2. Focus on your highest-impact priorities with self-imposed sense-of-urgency

Understand and organize everything ‘mission-critical’ to achieve the goal, then focus on the top three priorities that will contribute the biggest impact towards achieving your goal.   Create a self-imposed sense of urgency to get actions done by following up regularly.

3. Create and sustain individual action and accountability

Don’t shoot from the hip.  Break down your action plans into key issues, then lay out weekly actions for each issue and assign responsibility. Ensure weekly accountability for completion of actions and make weekly adjustments as necessary.

4. Regularly assess what’s working, what’s not; adjust immediately, communicate regularly

Monitor metrics against established milestones regularly, adjust action plans as necessary, and communicate/celebrate progress regularly.

Given the value of your business,
is this the time to be using a “do-it-yourself” approach?

Statistics and experience suggest not.

Even with a disciplined process, structured platform and weekly support, most businesses take at least four to six months to become proficient at executing strategy.

With your business and exit strategy at risk, go with a proven approach to success. Visit Our Approach Section for more about what we do, how we do it and how to get started with the Success Dashboard Execution Platform© to empower you and your business for growth and success.