Work on Nurturing Your Greatest Business Asset

Employees have become a more valuable asset for companies than ever before. In the past, companies had simple business processes and they could easily replace employees by bringing in new people to fill in their shoes. Today, this is not so easy, as running any kind of business has become increasingly complex; more specifically, it’s hard finding the right person for the right job, as well as keeping this person satisfied with their position.

In this highly competitive business landscape, companies cannot afford to waste time on finding new employees, training them, and waiting until they are able to do the job as well as their predecessors. Employees can make or break a company. They have the power to be the steam engine that drives it forward or runs it to the ground.

This is a risk that not many businesses can take. Therefore, it is essential to nurture employees, keep them happy, loyal, and productive. What’s even more difficult is the fact that today’s job market gives employees a lot of options, and they are not shy when it comes to finding a better job.


The first important thing when it comes to keeping employees happy is how motivated they are to do their work. Simply put, employees without motivation will not invest themselves in their job, and will do sloppy work. They will do the least they possibly can during their work hours and that’s it. With this kind of mindset within the workforce, a company will never be able to grow and reach new heights.

One of the most basic motivators is money, but it is not the sole motivator for employees. Of course, if you pay your employees miserably and don’t reward them for their efforts financially, they won’t be too motivated. After all, everyone does their jobs because they need money. Still, you can add other things to the mix such as giving regular feedback to your employees.

Praising employees for their work might seem insignificant but it can go a long way. When you let people know that the hard work they put in is valued and respected, they will feel better. Add a reward to your praise and you will keep employees motivated. Additionally, you can get employees more involved in your business, let them know what is happening and show them how their work reflects on the whole company.

In-house tools

image4Technology has always been an important part of business. Not only that it allows businesses to be more productive and provide better products and services, but it can also affect the organization from within. A company that regularly adopts new tech solutions in terms of software, gadgets, and tools leaves a much better impression on employees as well as outsiders.

Giving employees new tools that they can use for their work can make their jobs easier in every possible way. They will enjoy their work more and be able to do more of it which can give them other benefits. At the same time, you can implement tools that aren’t strictly related to their work but may make them feel more comfortable, valued, and important. Giving employees company phones, tablets, new software, or applications can have this effect.

On the other hand, the management of a company can also rely on various tools to organize employees in a better way, track their performance, and give them guidance. For example, there are various feedback toolscompanies can implement to give feedback to employees and never miss on someone’s achievements, while at the same time allowing employees to give their feedback as well so that management can make their jobs better.


image3Investing in employee development is one of the best ways to nurture your workforce. Not only that training will help you create a better team which is capable of doing tasks in a better way or adopting new methodologies, but your employees will also be thankful for you investing in their development. Training can boost productivity in your whole organization and allow you to take on projects you weren’t able to do before.

Having your employees stuck in a comfort zone, not learning or trying anything new, will get you nowhere. You have to create a learning environment where employees will be proud that they learned something, as this is how you will be able to get creative ideas and make something new. Employees will understand how much they learned in your company and give you their loyalty to it.

What is even better is that learning in the workplace is no longer boring and annoying. With the introduction of e-learning and learning management systemscompanies can create enjoyable and engaging learning courses through which employees can adopt practical knowledge that they will need and use in the future.


image1As mentioned earlier, rewards have a major effect on employees. They make them feel valued and become more attached to your business. Cash is the most basic way to reward employees, but it isn’t always the smartest option. If you only reward employees with cash, nothing will stop them from taking another job opportunity where they will be paid more; in fact, they will likely do it.

Instead, focus on rewarding them with paid training courses or lessons and help them develop themselves as professionals. It is also a good idea to organize team meetings where you will praise the exceptional performance. You can also reward employees with days off, parties, etc.

The important thing is not to think short term but give something to your employees that helps them feel safe and secure in your company and makes them feel like they could spend their future right where they are. One of the best ways to do this is to give them the option to advance up the ladder, change positions, and increase their level of responsibility.

With all of these things in mind, it’s a good time for you to either develop or re-visit your existing retention strategy to ensure it nurtures your workforce and you have done what you can to reduce the number of employee resignations.