Who’s Your Strategic ‘Build Buddy’?

The phone rang, and it was Philip’s excited voice on the phone. “I just thought of an idea for your marketing problem!” he said. Phil and I have been business colleagues from way back and now each run our own businesses and keep in touch weekly. I had expressed frustration in a call we’d had earlier that day regarding a media blitz I was planning. “It may sound a little crazy, but let’s play with it a bit,” he said. Philip is always one for good ideas, energy, a different viewpoint, and great at brainstorming.

Within the next 5 minutes we’d explored several options and now I had a solution that I hadn’t even contemplated earlier.

Phil and I have evolved into each other’s ‘Strategic Build Buddy’, a resource every business owner or leader should have.

A well-chosen Strategic Build Buddy can offer:

  • outside perspective or a second opinion
  • energy and enthusiasm
  • new thinking or innovative ideas
  • emotional support through business challenges

The end result is always better business decisions – whether acting as a sounding board, helping to build on an idea, or even offering an alternate solution. It’s like a one-person advisory board.

We’ve all heard the expression “it can be lonely at the top.” Sometimes we just need someone to bounce ideas off – particularly sole proprietors or leaders. It’s easy to establish a build buddy, and the benefit is almost always reciprocal as they benefit from YOUR input. Partnerships have a built-in advantage, because they have a ‘built-in’ build buddy with the other owner.

So who are you using for YOUR ‘Strategic Build Buddy’? You might already have one. If you don’t, I would strongly suggest you find one – consider a trusted colleague, another business owner, someone you’ve worked with in the past, or a business advisor.

Outside experience and perspective = better decisions = better business.

Be Bold, think big, be curious, keep focused!

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About Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne is creator of The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© - a simple, practical and visual subscription-based online execution platform that is proven to accelerate business execution and performance for business owners and leaders, literally within hours. With over 35 years business success, Doug is an experienced business coach, speaker, writer, and strategy facilitator working primarily with small and medium-sized family businesses on improved & sustained business execution for accelerated growth, improved performance, successful transition or higher-value sale.