The “Do Nothing” Dilema with Strategy Execution

The “Do Nothing” Dilema That ALL Businesses Face with Strategy Execution

Procrastination fascinates me.  Not just because I get caught in it myself all-too-regularly, but because of the lost value or opportunity cost it represents to business.  Yet it’s an all-too-common default for the majority of businesses.

Despite most business owners knowing full-well the substantial value and need for strategy to grow or move their business forward, it is intriguing how often we hear – “I really should get to that.”

And almost always, once Clients have embarked on a succinct, focused strategy & action plan for their business, a ‘sense of relief’ and the invariable acknowledgement – “I wish we’d done this years ago!”

So what’s holding YOU back?

*  Day-to-day business is too busy? Cash flow is tight?

*  Feel you don’t have the time? Resources? People? IT?

*  Don’t know how to get started; too difficult to find an easy-to-implement, proven process?

*  Don’t trust where to get help (every business coach can apparently “help me”)?

*  Past attempts at strategy haven’t worked or have stalled out within weeks?

“An interesting fact about strategy execution –

the sooner you take action, the sooner it creates benefits for you.”

– Dougonomics

The trouble is…. It’s NEVER a good time. The longer you DON’T take action, the more it will cost you and the more difficult it will be. It doesn’t matter where you go for the advice, support or process, but do yourself a favour – GET STARTED TODAY! At Doug’s Unlimited we call it “Self-Imposed Sense of Urgency” (one of the ‘Critical Delivery Factors’ in our Success Dashboard Process)!

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done,

you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got.”

–       W.L. Bateman


About Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne is creator of The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© - a simple, practical and visual subscription-based online execution platform that is proven to accelerate business execution and performance for business owners and leaders, literally within hours. With over 35 years business success, Doug is an experienced business coach, speaker, writer, and strategy facilitator working primarily with small and medium-sized family businesses on improved & sustained business execution for accelerated growth, improved performance, successful transition or higher-value sale.