Strategy Execution: Reduce your Churn

Commentary-on-Churn-Article-Apr-2016I don’t know any business that isn’t limited by resources – whether time, money or skills. If your organization isn’t aligned and working on absolutely the highest priorities to grow your business, you are wasting precious resources on ‘churn’ – wasted effort.

The earlier you clarify the mission-critical elements essential to achieving your strategy, the faster you can focus your actions on the biggest impact priorities to get there.

Reducing churn starts with a well-thought-out destination – having a clear, measurable strategic goal for your business (whether growing, transitioning, passing down, or selling), with a deadline – say 3-5 years.

Reducing churn means prioritizing your efforts on initiatives that will substantially move your business towards your goal – which will almost always involve removing roadblocks (holding you back), or leveraging opportunities (moving you forward).

Reducing churn means constantly managing the non-productive distractions that you and your employees are constantly bombarded with that do not align with achieving your goal.

Reducing churn means taking definitive and sustained action, with weekly progress and accountability, rather than just talking about it. Churn can take the form of flavour-of-the-month initiatives that fade; sporadic, disjointed or unsupported initiatives; or best-of-intentions initiatives that don’t last.

Reducing churn means always focusing on the rolling ‘top 3’ priorities for your business, and keeping them high profile. As each priority initiative is completed, add another to always be working on your ‘top 3’.

Don’t let churn slow you down. Don’t let churn choke your business.

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Be bold, think big, be curious, get focused!


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