Leveraging the Power of Outside Perspective for Your Business

It’s been said “You don’t have to be brilliant in business, just surround yourself with brilliant people.”

Building successful businesses and careers are all about learning, growing and maturing your business experience, honing your business skills, and developing your network. But here’s the thing – from a strictly business ROI perspective it’s often a slow learning curve, expensive, and can be fraught with mistakes despite the best of intentions.

So what if we were to supercharge the learning, growth and business skills? Our experience with Clients has shown without fail that businesses and owners that actively solicit and leverage outside business perspective and experience typically:

  • Improve and accelerate their business faster and with clearer direction,
  • Save substantial time and cost in their business learning curve,
  • Make better business decisions, with increased confidence and less mistakes,
  • Identify more new ideas or opportunities faster, and
  • Establish long-lasting business relationships and expanded business networks

Business Owners find that the positive impact and practical learning gained from others’ perspectives is not only invaluable but also energizing, and the ROI typically takes off. When you think about it, how can it NOT?

So, where to look for outside perspective? It may be from a trusted personal confidant or business relationship, or from someone with experience/business acumen/resources pertinent to your business. It could also be another successful business owner or entrepreneur, or a colleague with sector knowledge or subject-matter expertise that you need. It can often include a business coach or advisor, or someone that has strong strategic thinking and insight. This is all about getting other knowledgeable eyes looking at your business in a different way than you do.

Chosen wisely, engaging pertinent outside business experience will bring substantial value to your business through:

  • energy, acumen and best-practices pertinent to your business,
  • new ideas, concepts or opportunities,
  • and unique and objective perspective on your business and market that you don’t have
  • a complementary set of skills and experiences, and
  • practical examples of what has worked for them, and just as importantly what has not.

For all the above benefits, the Success Dashboard Process© provides a unique platform to easily engage business experience and acumen pertinent to a Clients’ businesses.

If you would like to learn more about supercharging your business or would like to participate in the Process please contact us. You can contact us by filling in the form below or emailing us at info@DougsUnlimited.com.


About Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne is creator of The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© - a simple, practical and visual subscription-based online execution platform that is proven to accelerate business execution and performance for business owners and leaders, literally within hours. With over 35 years business success, Doug is an experienced business coach, speaker, writer, and strategy facilitator working primarily with small and medium-sized family businesses on improved & sustained business execution for accelerated growth, improved performance, successful transition or higher-value sale.