How to Establish Your Brand Through Offering a Unique Product, Service or Knowledge

Establishing your brand presence in today’s market can look like a daunting task. The competition is harsh, even in the smallest of niches. On the other hand, it’s one of the most important tasks for a brand, regardless of its size and age.

While there are many ways to establish a brand, we’ve decided to help you by narrowing your field of focus. This practice will enable you to diversify your strategy but still put your effort inside clearly defined borders. Let’s see how you can do it by offering a unique product, service or knowledge.

Alignment With the Industry Trends

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While you are struggling to deliver a unique product to your respected customers, why don’t you stop, take a breather, and take some time to do a quick study? To establish the brand, your product has to deliver that added value. Something the customers will remember you by and that will make them come back to buy more.

What should be the object of your research? The latest industry trends. These trends didn’t just come into being by mere chance. They are the condensed knowledge and experience of big brands. You should definitely adopt them as the core which you should base your work on.

If you are an Android mobile app development, for instance, your designer shouldn’t be focused on reinventing the mobile app design. Google’s Material Design is a trend that you should follow.

Responsiveness to Client Needs

Clients and customers will always have new and more demanding needs. Their life is not a constant, as it is affected by millions of factors. If you want to establish your brand, you will have to dive deep into their needs to identify the ones that your products and services can meet.

To start, you should devote your resources to market research. Build your ideal customer persona and fine-tune your products and services to meet even some of their highest expectations. Yes, this will require additional funds and time, but it’s well worth it.

In addition, you should try to streamline the communication between your company and the clients. Live chat, for instance, can shed some light on the most peculiar needs of your customers. Both those in related to your products and services, and the ones regarding functionality and ease of use of your official website.

In-house Skill Set

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If you want to establish a strong brand, you will need a workforce that can make it happen. The success is not only determined by the experience of your employees, but also their will to grow and develop, both professionally and personally.

This is the part when you have to offer unique knowledge to your employees. If you succeed, your products and services are going to reflect it, as well as your brand. Working on developing in-house skills and knowledge is a long-term effort.

Fortunately, you can easily foster it thanks to the new online learning management systems. Take a look at the latest learning and development trends for 2018, and make your pick.

How to Identify Unique Aspects of Your Brand

What if your brand already has its own unique aspects? Missing out on the opportunity to work on these and focusing on developing new ones can put you at a significant disadvantage. If you pursue this strategy, you will lose a lot of valuable time and money.

On the other hand, you can devote some of your time to find out if there is already something that makes your brand unique, or if you prefer a more professional term – your unique selling proposition.

If you are clueless about where to start, refer to your existing customers. Create a short survey for them and ask them some simple questions, such as: “What do you value about our company?”, “Why did you choose us?”, and so on.

Your customers can help you identify one thing that you do better than everyone else in the market. Thanks to this, marketing and promoting your business will become even easier.

Company Culture

If you want to achieve great performance and establish your brand as authentic, you will have to align your company culture with your brand identity. The best way to do this is to start right from the bottom and organize in-house meetings. Here are your goals:

  • Make sure your team understands what differentiates your brand from the competitors in the market.
  • Educate your team about your target customers, including their needs, preferences, and the way they communicate with your brand.
  • Make sure your employees are on the same page with you when it comes to brand values and your mission.

The only way to build the desired company culture is to make your every effort count. Are you going to organize new training? Incorporate the company culture into it. Are you going to write new policies? Let them reflect the company culture.


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Unless you are big as Google, for instance, you will have to specialize. Wasting resources on making your brand big by giving your best to build a jack-of-all-trades company is a recipe for downfall. If you have researched your competitors and your target customers so far, you’ve probably identified one opportunity to pursue uniqueness.

And this is exactly your primary goal. Identify one thing the audience needs and devote your resources to doing it better than anyone else in the market.


The last item on our list is socialization, in terms of relying on social media to establish a better brand presence. Fortunately, it’s 2018 and you can do everything you can imagine on these platforms. For instance, many brands have delighted their customers by enabling online support via Facebook Messenger and adding a chatbot to ensure that everyone can get assistance 24/7.

Social media platforms are valuable assets. You can use them to build better relationships, advertise your products and services, or share knowledge.

This advice can help you streamline your efforts and establish your brand through offering a unique product, service or knowledge. As you can see, there are many strategies that you can pursue. Pick the ones that reflect your brand and keep it consistent to get the best and most sustainable results.