Get your Strategic Mojo Going

When progressive business leaders start talking about the future of their business, there is an inevitable ‘buzz’ and energy that happens. The discussion allows them to escape from the day-to-day operational issues (Covey describes it as the “whirlwind”) to contemplate the potential of their business – Blue Skying their business. It ALWAYS seems to get their mojo going.

But here’s the REALLY interesting part… when we start talking about our potential and start contemplating the stepping stones to really make it happen, the destination begins to feel within reach, starts to take shape, and begins to become a reality.

Strategy, quite simply, is moving your business from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ with a disciplined plan and continued action.

How quickly you reach your destination will depend upon

  • Your sense of urgency and how bad you want it,
  • A disciplined plan to get there,
  • The resources (time, money, expertise) you dedicate, and
  • Your focus and resolve to see it through (sustained action).

EVERY business ever created began with an idea that was acted upon. The majority of Strategies and Succession Plans are fraught with the best-of-intentions, and many fail despite an enthusiastic start. Sound familiar? Make sure the potential for your business is reached by taking action today, it won’t get any easier tomorrow, next week, or next year.

Are you having difficulty executing strategy or positioning YOUR business? Reach out to someone – a trusted business colleague, mentor, business coach – and start talking up the potential of your business – Blue Skying it. Get YOUR mojo going.

Be bold, think big, be curious!


About Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne is creator of The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© - a simple, practical and visual subscription-based online execution platform that is proven to accelerate business execution and performance for business owners and leaders, literally within hours. With over 35 years business success, Doug is an experienced business coach, speaker, writer, and strategy facilitator working primarily with small and medium-sized family businesses on improved & sustained business execution for accelerated growth, improved performance, successful transition or higher-value sale.