What 3 Things Would You Change In Your Business?

If you could improve three things within your business what would you change? The best-run companies look for opportunities to improve. In fact, they are the ones most likely to pursue and embrace change for the better.
While every business is unique, we have found several common characteristics that every business experiences in determining their best opportunities for change:

  • Firstly, EVERYONE HAS a list of the top three things (or more) they’d change for the better if asked. Everyone – owners, management, employees.
  • Removal of barriers or constraints to the business is always top-of-mind whether related to business operations, performance, finances, people, quality, growth, or direction. Barriers constantly wear us down, slow us down, and cause frustration – no matter what your level of responsibility.
  • Everyone sees the business from a different perspective which when leveraged, can be very powerful. Hearing other perspectives always broadens our understanding, which ultimately either improves our decisions or reaffirms them.
  • No issue is ‘stand-alone’, and there are often ‘common threads’ or systemic issues that once addressed, can resolve several issues.
  • Most issues have been around for quite some time (and often widely known) but have not been addressed despite best intentions. We’re all busy and often procrastinate until it becomes an immediate pain point or starts having a noticeable effect on morale, culture, brand and sometimes talent retention.

It’s time to take action. You already know what top three things you’d like to change in your business. Others in your business know as well. You need a simple, practical and proven process to help make it happen.

The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© provides an online execution platform to help you identify and prioritize the changes needed to accelerate your business, along with the disciplined action plans required to make it happen – integrated, all in one.

No more excuses – let’s get it done!

Be Bold, Think Big, Be Curious, Keep Focused!


About Doug Osborne

Doug Osborne is creator of The Success Dashboard Execution Platform© - a simple, practical and visual subscription-based online execution platform that is proven to accelerate business execution and performance for business owners and leaders, literally within hours. With over 35 years business success, Doug is an experienced business coach, speaker, writer, and strategy facilitator working primarily with small and medium-sized family businesses on improved & sustained business execution for accelerated growth, improved performance, successful transition or higher-value sale.