Are you a Business Coach?

Improve client performance and success,
Increase your reoccurring revenue,
Reduce your marketing time,
Optimize your coaching time

You are committed to improving client performance and success. The growth and prosperity of their business matters to you, as does growing your own coaching business.

You understand business execution and are good at helping owners optimize or grow their business, but still face regular challenges:

  • An extremely competitive marketplace makes it difficult to differentiate yourself or to be heard above the noise of other business coaches all vying for the same clients
  • Many business owners are skeptical or ambivalent towards working on their business –
    • don’t recognize their own growth and value potential, or how to unlock value
    • are unmotivated to take action or content with the status quo
    • have been jaded by previous ineffective coaching experiences
    • don’t believe the substantial success that competent coaching can create
  • Marketing yourself as a stand-alone coach and methodology requires an inordinate amount of energy and time.
  • One-off or intermittent project work creates constant ‘churn’, typically based on cost rather than value created or ROI.

How can the Success Dashboard Execution Platform help you as a Business Coach?

For You as a Coach

  • Provides an immediate practical operating platform to leverage your business acumen with your client’s, and immediately differentiates your offerings from others
  • A simple monthly subscription model gets you up and running with clients almost immediately.
  • The easy-to-use online platform requires no up-front cost and very little training to help you improve business execution for your client, literally within hours.
  • Generates more sustainable reoccurring revenue through monthly subscriptions.
  • Ability to virtually monitor and manage multiple client Dashboards to increase your capacity to help more clients

For You and your Client

  • Customizes to the Clients’ needs, to your coaching approach, and to the sophistication of the client’s business.
  • Creates immediate client focus on highest impact actions, with weekly action
  • Creates management team weekly accountability, and automatically tracks tasks for completion.
  • Creates weekly “High-touch, light touch” virtual support to clients to keep them focused and on track; improves execution efficiency and sustained progress for both you and your client.
  • Virtual 24/7 secure access provides ability to operate from anywhere with internet access for both you & your client.

Becoming an approved business coach of the Dashboard Process and Execution Platform will differentiate you from other coaches, provide you with a proven process that ensures action and superior business results for your clients, and increase your efficiency and band-width to help even more clients ongoing.

Is there any reason NOT to become a Dashboard Coach? Contact us now to get started!